Conscious Inclusion – How to Accommodate Autistic People in the Workplace

Rachel Florence

Hi, my name is Rachel. I’m a psychotherapeutic counsellor. I began training to be a counsellor after recovering from severe complex PTSD and depression in 2016. Achieving my level 5 diploma with the University of Derby in 2019, I then moved to Keele University to complete the post graduate certificate in counselling and then joined their masters program in counselling and psychotherapy in 2021. During my training I have amassed over 500 hours of experience delivering both group and 1:1 therapy in various voluntary positions and have recently completed 100 placement hours working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse. In 2018, at the age of 30, I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Since my diagnosis I have become fixated on doing what I can to share information with others about adult autism as well as encouraging understanding and acceptance of the condition, through telling my own story. Apart from my training, my spare time involves spending time with loved ones, reading, watching far too much YouTube and being an enthusiastic but terrible dancer.

Jane Cameron Mackenzie

Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator for Community Recycle Cycles, Heart and Soul Project.

I was brought up in Crewe and have worked as an educator in the Community for 16 years. Prior to this I was a Training Manager for 27 years. I am passionate about community. I work daily with the post covid, cost of living crisis challenges faced by our families and especially those preparing for adulthood. My expertise lies in helping those who feel disenfranchised, people with capacity, often extremely talented who have fallen through the binary net. Non-neurotypical people, especially autistic. People with mental health problems, LGBTQ+ and the long-term unemployed, these are my people. I feel privileged to have been given insights into these lives and to have learned so much. This knowledge I add to my own empirical erudition and use to help wherever I can. It is my belief that all diversities respond well to the panacea of kindness and respect. I am passionate about Conscious Inclusion and celebrating diversity and am proud to be able to evidence a track record of helping people to make positive changes. In recognising the power of the great minds that have gone before I personalise art and psychology concepts to pass on, empowering people to trust that they really are their own best expert. 2024 is the year to shine the light on Conscious Inclusion and the benefits.  I hope you enjoy the workshop that Rachel and I have put together for you.