Autism and Anxiety

Professor Jacqui Rodgers

Jacqui  is Professor of Psychology Mental Health and an autism researcher based in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, UK. Her work focuses on trying to understand the relationships between characteristics of autism (such as sensory issues and restricted and repetitive behaviours) and co-occurring mental health conditions. She is also involved in the development and evaluation of a range of mental health focused interventions for autistic children and adults.

Professor Jeremy Parr

Jeremy  is Professor of Paediatric Neurodisability at Newcastle University. He leads research that aims to improve the quality of life of children and adults on the autism spectrum. Over the last 10 years Jeremy has led a programme of research focused on using a Virtual Reality Environment in the treatment of situation specific anxiety, phobia and fear – the research led to a brand new clinical treatment that is now provided by the NHS.

Dr Sam Brice

Sam is a clinical psychologist who shares his time between working clinically in the NHS and as a researcher within the Faculty of Medical Science, Newcastle University, UK. Sam’s most recent work has involved coordinating a randomised controlled trial which explored the feasibility and acceptability of delivering a newly developed, personalised psychological treatment for anxieties experienced by autistic adults.